Dating a girl that looks like your ex

I recently started dating a guy who I suspected had a crush on me for a while. We started dating relatively fast after meeting. Once night I was curious and snooped around his social media and found his ex girlfriend back from when he was in grad school and she was in undergrad.

She looked very similar to me: After finding this out, I can't help but think maybe he was only attracted to me because I reminded him of her They dated back in to nearly 5 years!! He hasn't seem to have dated anyone seriously since her and so has she. He is still friends with her on Facebook and didn't delete any old photos of them which makes me worried he's not over her.

Ive been feeling really sad and insecure about this situation because I find myself constantly comparing myself to his ex. The only thing that's keeping me not worrying so much is that they've dated so long ago that he should by now have moved on Is this something I should be worried about or am I overreacting?

Should I be worried that I look just like his ex girlfriend?

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Well, at some point he got divorced. He had a distant relationship. We went out on and off sorta as friends. So, it fizzled out after a few months.

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Just as friends I guess. However, I see this chick. She looks so much like me but a few years younger. I admit it freaked me out at first. But, I really feel rather flattered. This lady could seriously be my sister! This is just the thing.. Some guys can carry over their attraction to one chick to the next chick, meaning they can hook up with the new one and get the same thrill as if they were hooking up with the ex. What an awesome post!!!

This really has helped me to explain why what happened to me last week. I have a lovely man who is a client at my place of work. My friends say I should feel flattered,I do to a point but last Fridays encounter has only made me feel more interested in him. I think I need to find out more information and go from there,.

My Ex's new girlfriend looks just like me?

Either a sign of interest or a sign of comparison. Same looks, Better personality.

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Hi Bill, well that was and interesting encounter today, again lots of eye contact when speaking etc and as he was riding his horse he can see me from where I am working rode past totally looking at me not where he was going at one point! Not easy as I do like him but I do have morals. I just feel reallyy guilty for liking him. Have a nice Weekend and thanks again for your fab post.

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Good or bad idea? Hey Bill, Feeling confused. He then came in to ask about Rides over the Christmas. We had a good chat about horses etc. But he did mention his Wife for the first time and maybe bringing her in to watch or ride sometime.

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So it was abit weird today Maybe stating that will now put and end to it?? Not sure how to feel at the moment. It will be soo weird if she does come in!!! As I know she looks like me!! I always loved being single, so i wondered if it was just that holding me back, or some gut intuition? Anyways—i was facebook stalking him and his ex and i found some similarities.

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  • Also, we both know some russian language and literature, work in healthcare, and like volunteer work. We also have the same fuzzy striped socks. He still has old profile pics with her.