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So if you're reading this and working on a late night text, just make sure to ask, "Can I come over: The quartet explores the loving side to sex as they school men on the secrets to pleasing a woman using a phrase that's sure to make her sit back and relax: Leave it to Usher to come out with one of the most unforgettable sex songs at a mere 18 years old, and make grown women melt at the sound of his voice while doing so.

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And like any talented artist, it isn't all about the sex. It's about the heart-racing, butterfly-in-the-stomach, let's-do-it-again feeling that comes with making love and not just going through the motions of another carnal act. Kandi Burruss opens the seemingly a cappella ballad lined with cello undertones with her alto soprano sound, explaining what she wants to happen during the night.

The Georgia Peach describes the perfect evening filled with moonlight "shining on [her] windowpane" just before she "hears the sound of rain. Janet Jackson has always been known to tackle the topic of sex in her lyrics, but when she asked men everywhere, 'Would You Mind,' she gave new meaning to the male species standing at attention.

There was no secret about what Ms. Jackson had in mind when she made this song. Aside from its raunchy, expressive, lecherous lyrics, Jackson is best remembered for performing this let's-get-it track live in Hawaii and making a guy explode with joy on stage.

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The way Beyonce's been moving across the small screen lately is sure to leave you 'Speechless,' but she was ready to leave you that way when she first released this sultry song in Backed by an electric guitar, piano and drumset, Bey leaves every woman wanting to end her night in a speechless falsetto. But before she reaches that point, she'll be screaming "Yes, yes, yes! Like any good sex track, the song lives beyond the lyrics because the beat and legato strums of the electric guitar keep the song alive.

As the melody reaches its peak, this song turns into one of those nails-in-the-back, legs-wrapped-around-the-neck, toes-curled-tight kind of cut. Never feeling the need to hold back, the Atlanta trio show off their sexuality any chance they got -- using condoms as eye patches included. This song was the woman's sex anthem, and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. From positions to body parts, T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli let loose when it came to expressing their desires. There's nothing closed-door about this because TLC just wants you to "come through the, take off [their] clothes and turn on the red light.

Not looking to offer fans a sensual, explicit sex track, Next gave them the next best thing: With verses full of metaphors, the three-person group uses an upbeat club cut to illustrate the happy process of a man's favorite extremity. Offering up a good double entendre, Next shows women why hard isn't always a bad thing.

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Yeah, it's like that. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Original jewel-case with embossed Warner logo on bottom right corner. Tinie Tempah - Intro. Tinie Tempah - Simply Unstoppable. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out. Tinie Tempah - Illusion. Range 3 - Just A Little. Tinie Tempah - Snap. Holdin Down the Block. Breakfast Of Champions [CD]. Got one to sell? You may also like. Special Attributes see all. Release Year see all. Record Label see all.

Modified Item see all. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all. Especially with rap shit. To me is it like, what is it. Is it even music? Or is it something else? If you are really an MC you should be able to kill it live! And dope MCs are killing it live! And that the criterion of being a dope musician. MC, DJ whatever, cause if you are a dope producer, then stay at home.

Unless you can rock. Who in rap can outperform his cd? A cd is like a painting. It always sounds the same, a painting is always going to look the same. Real musicians that I respect are better live. They are really performing. Alright, when you guys hook up to make a track, how does that work?

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  5. Do you make the beat first? We were more traditional, like on a Gangstarr thing. He is writing all kinds of melodies, we do it all together, hiring musicians, trying to get out of sampling. A — What it really is is this: If people released accapella albums people do it all the time it would be cool. There is an element of DJing and that is to remix an whole album. I like the concept behind it.

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    A — Basically to maintain this topic. I use one to play beats of or if I has to used it.

    Did wrangles at Sarakasi Dome ruin hip-hop gig?

    But I never prefer to use it. And we answer the same answer. There are probably millions of people we would like to make music with. If it is anybody, it is to facilitate our vision. So it be like a bass player, a dope drummer, u know. One of our readers, asked me to ask this. You said Fort Collins was the greatest show you ever gave.. A — Really, there is no best show.

    Mostly the recent show is the best because we grow and perform and update shit, so our best show was probably Paris last night. Cause we expressed ourselves properly. It might be a special show but not the best. E — It will never happen. How are you gonna make it work?